Formed in 2001, TPA has firmly established itself as a trusted supplier of temporary access solutions across the UK and Europe, providing reliable rental and first class installations delivered by our teams of industry experts.  Utilising our comprehensive range of specialist products, our teams will design and deliver an access solution to ensure you can get from A to B whether that be over land, rail or water.



TPA - Portable Roadways

Strategically located throughout the UK and Ireland, TPA Portable Roadways also extends its reach to mainland Europe via their German depot. Regarded as a trusted supplier of temporary access solutions, TPA has consistently and reliably delivered a first class service with bespoke solutions which often come with challenging logistics.

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TPA - Rapid Rail Access

Rapid Rail Access, TPA’s dedicated rail network division is a principle supplier of a vast and growing range temporary and semi-permanent access solutions that have been developed through focussing on the rail sector’s requirements. For example, Road Rail Access Points (RRAPs) provide safe on/off tracking points minimising the risk of damage to vehicles, track and associated infrastructure.

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TPA - Pontoons

Specialists in modular floating access, TPA Pontoons serve the utilities, construction, events, military and marine where there is a requirement for access when operating on water. TPA’s team can design a scheme based around any project that may require specific load bearing for vehicular access. Modular Pontoons offer a cost effective installation and fast decommissioning service.

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TPA Pontoons