"Having recently completed the Graduate Management Scheme at Vp, I rotated across multiple divisions of the Vp Group and the diverse functions gave me a broad exposure to all aspects of what is a continually growing and successful business.

As well being given a number of hands-on projects to help develop my experience, I spent lots of time with all tiers of management and this has been an invaluable asset at this early stage of my career. I have now joined the commercial team at MEP Hire, allowing me to utilise the best practices and relationships that I have developed over the course of the programme."



"A thought-provoking graduate scheme at Vp plc allowed me to learn and gain an holistic viewpoint into the hire industry. In addition to absorbing the different procedures at various divisions, having the opportunity to travel around the UK was an additional benefit. I was also given the chance to present regularly to the board, and attend senior management meetings; such interpersonal skills gained during the graduate scheme has been extremely helpful with my current Business Support Manager role at Brandon Hire Station.

Overall, if you enjoy travelling, meeting new people and learning constantly, then the Graduate Management Scheme at Vp plc is an excellent choice!"